Chelsie is a scholar of race, Jews, and gender in the modern Middle East. Currently they are a Franke Institute for the Humanities Doctoral Fellow and PhD candidate at the University of Chicago writing a dissertation entitled “Watching Whiteness Work?: The Racialization of Jewish Women in Iraq and Israel/Palestine.” In spring 2020 their two-time award-winning, peer reviewed article was published in the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies. Chelsie‚Äôs research has also appeared in the Journal of Jewish Identities. Their research and teaching interests include: Jews of the Middle East and North Africa, gender and race as analytics in the modern Middle East, and intersectionality.

In autumn 2019 Chelsie was the instructor of record for Reading Cultures and in winter 2020 the teaching intern for Gender & Sexuality in World Civilizations. Other courses they have taught in include: History of Iraq, Modern Middle East History, Arab America, and Readings in World Literature. Chelsie has pursued extensive pedagogy training in critical pedagogy, student centered teaching, inclusive teaching, and writing. For AY19-20 Chelsie was a Chicago Center for Teaching Pedagogy Fellow. They obtained a B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. from Brandeis University.