• Readings in World Literature: Autobiography (University of Chicago, Winter 2019)
  • Readings in World Literature: Epic (University of Chicago; Fall 2018): As the teaching assistant for this course, I will teach 20 first year undergraduates the fundamentals of academic writing.
  • Arab America (University of Chicago; Spring 2018): I was the teaching assistant for this class taught by Dr. Ghenwa Hayek. Responsibilities included: leading weekly discussion with 16 undergraduate and Master’s students, giving one lecture about race relations and American Arab communities, attending all lectures, holding office hours, and grading two response and one final paper.
  • History of Iraq, 1917-2015 (University of Chicago; Winter 2018): I was the teaching assistant for this class taught by Dr. Orit Bashkin. Responsibilities included: facilitating weekly discussion sections with 22 students, giving one lecture on gender in Hashemite Iraq for 70 students, attending all lectures, holding weekly office hours of two hours, and grading midterms and final papers.
  • Tutoring (University of Chicago; AY 2018-19): I tutor first and second year undergraduates on the principles of college level academic writing.
  • Critical Pedagogies in the University Classroom (Fall 2018)
  • Inclusive Pedagogy Training (Fall 2018)
  • Writing Intern Training (Spring 2018): Quarter long course to learn how to teach academic writing to college freshman
  • University of Chicago’s Course Design and College Teaching (Fall 2016): Fulfillment of the University of Chicago’s pedagogy requirement.